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What is smart heating?

Smart heating is more than just the latest ‘thing’ to have. There are several solutions on the market at the moment and we have selected in our opinion the three best options.

All three solutions make it easier to control your home heating from any location via the thermostat unit or from your smart phone. All of which have the aim to eventually save you money.

So depending on what is right for you we have the ideal solution.

Elnur Connected Heating Range

The Elnur Connected heating solution is the Smart way to control your electric heating.

Elnur use RF protocols to control the individual heaters, controlled from a gateway connected to your router. This system has the flexibility in that you can use their controls to control other parts. They are the first people to have a connected storage heater!

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Rointe Heating Solutions

We have been installing Rointe electrical heating systems for years and their latest innovations are the result of years of research and development of our R&D, dedicated exclusively to achieving the world’s most advanced home automation system for heating and hot water.

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Nest Smart Thermostat

The Nest smart learning thermostat is now part of the Google Family after Google purchased Nest for nearly $3.2bn in 2014. The new model comes with controls for heating and hot water and is very very smart.

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Where Do I start?

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Commercial Connected Heating

Smart heating is now available in the business world.  If you are a landlord and want better control of a property or for your tenants to have a tighter grip on their business bills, then connected heating is idea.

We can install a range of heading systems to enable a business owner or a landlord to have the ability to control their heading with ease.

It enables the office to be warn and inviting before guests arrive.  Also, it ensures they are not wasting money heating an empty office.

The opportunities for smart, modern connected heating are huge now as the industry gives so much more joy to property owners.  No matter if you are a residential or commercial landlord or a property owner in your own right.

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