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We can design and install under floor electric heating systems in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway or any where you require. If you need additional heating in the bathroom we can assist. Even if it is simply to improve the heating levels in your home we could provide a range of services to keep the winter chill away. During cold spells a cold house isn’t a nice place and if your heating is going to go wrong, it will be during winter.

We are happy to provide alternatives to the normal systems that work exceptionally well and provide gentle, never harsh, heating to your home.

We have over 50 years heating expertise in house just with ONE of our directors. In order to improve the heating of your home speak to us, often the work needed to see results is small and not expensive. Our expertise has been attained through training and experience which has enabled us to win a wide range of customer service awards.

We are accredited Dimplex and INTELLI HEAT installers and offer the full range of electrical and sundries items. In addition to this we are proud to offer and support the full Rointe range of products.

Need trace heating to better insulate your water pipes, if so speak to us?

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Intelli Heat Electric Heating Systems

BARTON Electrical are now Intelli Heat smart electric heating authorised approved installers, IntelliHeat are one of the most advanced Electric Heating systems supplier in the UK. Whilst there are other distributors of electric radiators on the UK market, these products do not compare to the high specification ultra-efficient Intelli Heat ranges: the Cali Sense, iSense, Balneum or the Creative Radiators designer comprehensive range.

The INTELLI HEAT thermodynamic Electric Radiators are highly energy efficient, their efficiency, coupled with precise control over heating schedules, minimises wasted electricity, ultimately leading to reduced heating expenses. These smart electric heaters offer customisable temperature settings and versatile control options—manual, programmed settings, or convenient management through the dedicated heating management app, granting you the flexibility to heat your room to your desired comfort levels precisely (by 0.2°) whenever necessary and control efficiently your energy consumption by device, zone or location.

hotel pics-INTELLI HEAT wifi-electric-radiators

INTELLI HEAT i-Sense wifi-electric-radiators

Are you tired of paying high energy bills for your LPG, oil or storage heating system? If so, we have the perfect energy efficient heating solution for you! Cut Your Energy Bills With Wifi-Controlled Ecodesign electric radiators by Intelli Heat.

iSense Smart Electric Radiators energy saving features:

– Premium Aluminium Electric Radiators

– Child Lock, Rental Housing PIN Code Lock function-

– Fully controllable revolutionary LCD touchscreen programmer

– Opti Power, Advanced energy saving function

– State of the art eco-design electronic thermostat (accurate to +/ – 0.1˚ C)

– Built-in WiFi with intuitive and easy to use dedicated cloud based Heating control App

– iSense integrated Energy Assistant analyses and optimise your entire smart heating installation

– Verify and monitor with Real-time energy consumption monitoring, Energy tariff optimisation

– Open window, doors detection sensor to prevent excessive consumption

– Presence detection with wide 360˚motion sensor

– Weekly Timer Control, programmable to the minute

– Auto-programming with Self Learning process

– 7 pre-set and customisable programming options
Modes: Auto | Boost | Comfort | Eco | Frost protection | Holiday

– Several Pre-Set Heating Environments (Commercial, Domestic, Housing, Hotel).

– Dual optimisation feature to help saves energy

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With Barton Electrical you can get Smart and Warm this Winter!

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