No More Device Charging Issues

It’s a well-known fact the latest iPad 3 hardly charges off a USB drive.  It does a bit, but it is so slow it is rarely worth bothering with.  Device charging is an issue at home and the work place as nobody wants to be out of contact these days.

Even on USB 3.0 some devices are terrible and as more and more of us take mobile devices into the home and office, charging bays, cables and the power to use them becomes harder to get.  A personal hate of mine is not having the right cable for my iPhone 5, changing the cables on them was a real pain!

Well at Barton Electrical we can help. 

We can provide a cabled, mains powered charging bay that is built into your home or office.  It lets you, friends, staff and family charge your devices the right way.  It sounds such a simple concept (because it is), but we can put a nice brass face or other style fitting to the mains with the correct connectors to power your mobile devices.  It creates a designated space and we suspect will reduce the amount of lost phones as you will know where you left it.

It saves you hunting for an Apple specific plugs or resorting to desperately trying to charge it in vain off your PC.

Through Barton Electrical we provide simple solutions to improve your home or workplace.  These are very simple to use, save, require no maintenance and are frankly, as one customer says ‘awesome’!

Device Charging made easy.

If you want a simple life with mobile devices speak to us, we’ll power them so you can enjoy them!