Do you have devices that charge from USB?

Do you rely on the little power adapters that come with them?

If you do then this might be a good solution for you.  We are pleased to announce that we are giving a double wall power socket with two USB sockets built in with every Electrical Inspection Report booked between now and the end of September 2014. Not only that we will fit it for you as a replacement to an existing compliant 2 gang socket.

These sockets themselves are neat and safe as you haven’t got a cheap old adapter getting too hot to touch hanging from the wall therefore making your house even safer.  When we come and do the report at your home we  will use testing equipment to carry out a full test of your electrics and give you a full report with any recommendations that will be designed to improve your home safer and more efficient.

The USB wall socket usually costs £40 supplied and fitted (Not including call-out).  As the reports start from as little as £120 + VAT this is truly a bargain.  So if you want to keep tidy, safe and get something for free then book now.

Offer applicable to:

Domestic residential only.
Single residence only.
Typical service distance 30 mile of Ipswich (IP1)

We reserve the right to not supply and/or fit based on any safety concerns.

We do a lot of work for commercial businesses making sure their electrics are safe and compliant.  Please don’t feel left out by this offer.  If you are a landlord with multiple properties or a commercial business needing a safety report or advice please get in touch as we can do something for you too.