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Recently a family with a young baby approached us to do an electrical safety check on their home.  They wanted us to check things out before the baby started crawling, walking and getting inquisitive.  We were more than happy to help because as a family business, we understand that when a baby starts to move around, everything becomes a potential hazard!

At Barton Electrical, we believe strongly in electrical home safety so we would like to share the following tips with you when your youngster starts to become mobile:

Bathroom – never have any electrical items in the bathroom.  There are far too many accidents with people listening to the radio, using heated tongs/straighteners etc or even electric heaters whilst in the bath.  Water and electrics do not mix.  Electrical home safety is all about risk management, yes it sounds dull but kids never cease to amaze you, never.

Wet hands – make sure your children understand that mixing water and electricity is dangerous.  Tell them to never, ever touch electrical equipment with wet hands.  To us as adults it sounds obvious but children need to be told what we often take for granted.

Plug covers – these are easy to get hold of and are simple to fit.  They are basically plastic covers that fit into the plug socket and stop children from poking anything into the hole – a very tempting thing to do if you happen to be a 2 year old!

Drinks – keep a careful eye on where your children put their drinks.  Make sure they know that they shouldn’t ever rest a drink on any electrical equipment.  Yes many of us do it from time to time but it’s good to get kids into good habits from the start

Cables – irons, kettles and in fact anything with a cord is of interest to a curious child.  Never leave anything hot plugged in when a child is nearby if you are not right next to it.  All they need to do is pull the cord to find out what it is attached to and they could end up with a nasty injury or even a fire.  Electrical home safety is generally just good old fashioned home safety.

Openings – DVD players, toasters etc all look very interesting to a small child.  They have seen you work them and know that you basically put something into them to make them work.  We’ve heard of sandwiches being fed into DVD players and all sorts so make sure your child doesn’t have access to them.

Microwave – a mother once told us that her son tried to microwave some of his metal toy cars.  You can imagine the results!  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt but it didn’t do her microwave any good at all!  Make sure your child knows not to touch any of your kitchen equipment without you supervising as they may not get a second chance.

Bed time – as they get older, your children may have electrical devices on in their rooms such as CD players, phones plugged in to chargers etc.  ALWAYS check before you go to bed that they have remembered to unplug everything.

In addition to the above, make sure you test your smoke alarms regularly and that all of your electrical equipment is in good working order.  If you are in any doubt at all, please contact us and we will be happy to come and inspect your home for you.  We are delighted to have helped one family out and we are always willing to help more.  Keep a watch for home safety, especially electrical home safety.

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